Terms and Policies

Signing in "Picksed" is to accept all terms and policies.

1. All works presenting in "Picksed" belong to their owners. In case your works are broadcasted on the Internet, you can edit or delete them if you want.

2.All works presenting in "Picksed" can be broadcasted without editing or spoiling. It must have source or credit in all works.

3.In case you take works from other people to "Picksed", you have to post them in original files. Don't forget to attach credit before posting.

4.All works presenting in "Picksed" would not be illegal or go against a tradition. If we find some mistakes in works, the works will be deleted immediately.

5. Picksed's team will not be responsible for mistakes in all works including illegality and immorality.

6. Picksed's team can delete users who don't follow our terms and policies without informing in advance.